Time flies and you never seem to have enough of it.

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Sorry about the lack of updates, sometimes people have other things on their minds than updating their blog. Not always cause they don’t want to do it…

I’m still without internet at my new home, which basically means I need to cross Amersfoort from 1 end to the other to get online. Trust me having internet in the next room is a whole lot easier.

I also had a small accident at work end of Januari, my fingers got stuck between a conveyor belt at the bakery. I’m glad I still have all of my fingers so I can still type here. Below are the pictures of how it was looking 2 weeks after it happened and my hand was ‘unpacked’ again. I couldn’t use my righthand for 2 weeks, cause it had a cast. It’s been now about 1,5 months since it happened and I still can’t bend my pink totally nor stretch it, but it looks a whole lot better than in the pictures below.




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I made these pictures of baby Bau Bau when Sinterklaas got her a hat, gloves & shawl on the 5th of December.

First birthday

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Baby Bau Bau’s first birthday was on the 25th of October.

Here’s the pictures, enjoy 😀


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Gosh, didn’t know I have been gone this long from here. 😐

Now I must say that I don’t think I really got time on my side. I’m working 2 jobs, have to take care of a house, a baby and a big baby 😛 😛 I feel like I’m on the run, always running and never slowing down, when I know I need to slow down (at least a bit).

Oh and on top of it all, I still don’t have internet at home. 😦 So my internet (for now) is located in the north of Amersfoort, while we live in the south end.

One of my jobs is located in the centre of Amersfoort and so is baby Bau Bau’s daycare, my other job is in a village about 10 kilometers from Amersfoort. Everything in Amersfoort I usually do by bicycle, for my other job I take the bus. I need a superman cape 😛

Awayyyyyyyyyyyy 😛

My current status

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… is coughing my lungs out and snotting my nose empty. In other words I’m sick.

Besides the above, my whole body is hurting like it was bruised. It doesn’t feel comfortable at all, but well I will get over it, I suppose. And it better be soon then late, cause this sucks.

I really dislike being sick, but as we all know shit happens. And having a cold is one thing but coughing your lungs out, cause they are filled with slime is another. I can handle a snotty nose, but not an uncontrollable cough.

From Sunday on Monday I barely slept at all because of that nasty cough. Monday morning I felt broken. I survived… it’s Tuesday now. I just hope I will fell better soon…

Ciao for now

Friday at the daycare

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When I came to pick up baby Bau Bau Friday at about 6 pm, I found her stepping around at the hand of one of the girls of the daycare.

She was making ‘huge’ steps, lifting her legs up high and then bang her foot down on the ground. Then when she heard mommy she looked over her shoulder and and gave me a big smile. 😀 Like she said:’ Look at me mommy!’

Then she stepped towards me at the hand of the girl and then when she could reach my hands she grabbed those and made her last few steps.

She looks like she really already rather walks then crawls. I think she might walk before her birthday, but of course I could be wrong.

New update

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The update I did on baby Bau Bau’s grow stats earlier this week weren’t totally correct as I thought.

I updated them now with the correct numbers. :mrgreen:

Her last weight was 9040 gr and her length 73.5 cm. So she is growing good, she probably will reach 10 kilo when she turns a year in a little over a month. That is if she ‘likes’ to eat ‘normal’ food.